Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cake Truffle Centerpieces

     We recently celebrated my daughter's 1st Holy Communion at Gianna's Restaurant in Carlstadt, NJ. I was trying to come up with some inexpensive centerpieces for the table that worked with the religious occasion and the earthy decor of the room. I knew I was making the cake and all the other desserts, cake truffles and cookies. So why not make the desserts the centerpieces?
     That is exactly what I did. I made about 200 cake truffles and cookies. I bought the bark encased tins and the tree stump cake pedestals. I hot glued a half round of styrofoam on top of each pedestal, put the truffles in paper and used tooth picks to hold them on. I put a religious pick on top and I was done with the cake pedestals. I put cookies and left over truffles in the bark encased tins and put a set on each table. They were festive and delicious, (and so easy to do).
This was the cake, a cross on top of a Bible with a spray of sugar flowers.
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  1. Everything is just perfect! What a special day this must have been.